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Payment Process
Cart Conversion Nov 30, 2022

7 Ways to Make the Payment Process Easy for Online Customers

With the development of the Internet and technology, many people now shop online for convenience. To encourage sales conversion, it is essential to make this process simple and straightforward. The success or failure of the online business depends on how simple it is for customers to check out once their…

UPI for Business
Cart Conversion Nov 28, 2022

Advantages of UPI for Business in The New Era

People were longing for the physical presence of cash in hand a decade ago, and they were likely satiated with spending. However, since the introduction of the Unified Payment Interface (UPI), Indians have become accustomed to cashless transactions via many UPI apps. Moreover, since upi payments for businesses are directly…

Business revenue
Cart Conversion Nov 27, 2022

5 Strategies to Increase Business Revenue

Any business’s foundation is its sales. Sales figures determine a company’s long-term viability. A single entity is responsible for all functions, including hiring resources, developing products, planning logistics, and organizing warehouse space. Sales are that! There can be no sustained growth for any business without sales. To boost sales, many…

RTO in eCommerce Shipping
RTO Prediction RTO Reduction Nov 25, 2022

Everything You Need to Know About RTO in eCommerce Shipping

One of the sector’s most underappreciated and unacknowledged issues has been reducing RTO in eCommerce stores. The issue has been slowing down sellers for many years, but no one realized how serious it was. Sellers see a massive inflow of orders as eCommerce spreads widely throughout the nation. There is…

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conversion rate optimization
Cart Conversion Nov 22, 2022

Optimizing eCommerce Conversions: 6 Effective Tricks

It is unsaid, ‘the greater your conversion rates, the more likely your company will succeed.’ This applies to both SMBs and successful eCommerce sellers. In a perfect scenario, a customer would visit your website, surf, add products to the cart, and purchase the item in one go. Sounds like a…

online shopping problems
Cart Abandonment Cart Conversion Nov 19, 2022

Problems Faced by Customers While Shopping Online and How to Solve it

Online shopping has become increasingly common and a daily part of people’s lives. There is no denying how convenient online shopping is. One can decide what, where, and when one wants to do something. The popularity of internet shopping has led to various problems for buyers. Sometimes, retailers fall short…

Boost conversion
Conversion Rates Nov 17, 2022

5 Types of Trust Badges to Boost Conversion Rates

As an online seller, abandoned shopping carts are probably one of the most frustrating things to see. Every client has done it: gone online, looked  for something, added it to their shopping cart, and then abandoned the purchase. It’s like going to the grocery store, loading stuff into the cart,…